Thursday, September 17, 2009


Zuchinni Muffin tops-coconut,currants,pecans & spice.These were my favorite of the zuchinni things!

~Raining,no hike!

~Did some banking business,got crackers & cheese at Albertson's,in the rain.Went to the Family Thrift Center,got a cover shirt.Went to Goodwill,got a cover shirt & skein of yarn.Looked for a coat for Mike,didn't find one.

~Still raining!

~Gave away 19 bags at the food pantry(1 given away yesterday).People kept coming,made up/gave away 3 more bags.Finally,had to turn away 4 more people.Folded bulletins.

~Back home,I vacuumed.My small one is not working right,the roller brush only working about 1/2 the time.

~I finished the Stuffie Guy by adding yellow hands & feet.He is too cute!

~Mike & I went to "Date Nite" at the Caliber's.16 people there tonight.Did combat/tactical reloads & retention shooting.

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