Monday, September 14, 2009

Self-Reliance equals Self-Confidence

Tips for purchasing your first personal-protection firearm.

~Mike had a dentist appointment before going to work.He has new teeth!
~I stopped at Big Lots for pork rinds,gallon zipper bags & Mitchum before heading to the food pantry to help Chuck load bags.Afterwards,I did yardwork for 1/2 hour.
~Back home,I did another 1/2 hour yard work in the front.
~I vacuumed the floors & put away clean dishes.
~I started a "Stuffy Guy" for a birthday present.I had bought a small,rectangle pillow for 1/2 price at the thrift shop to use instead of loose polyfil.I used Green & made a chain the width of the pillow(23).I then crocheted back & forth in sc until the piece was long enough.I made one for the front & one for the back.I used White for round circle eyes,added Black french knots for the pupils & sewed them on the front.I used Yellow for the stitched-on mouth & eyebrows.I then used Purple to sc the 2 pieces together,placing the pillow inside before closing it up.It is adorable already!I plan to add arms,legs & maybe a mohawk.
~We had chicken bacon cheese sammies for supper & watched 2 episodes of Heroes-Season 2.

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