Saturday, September 12, 2009


Zucchini Cocoa Chip loaf

~Susie came by at 8am & we went yard-saling for a while.I got a partial skein of RHS Gemstone for 50cents.
~At 10am,I went to the church for Prayer Shawl Ministry.Only 2 others were there.Anne Malstrom will take 5 lap blankets to the VA & she suggested I let Julie take the other 5 to the Childrens Hospital.I started a lap blanket in vintage Caron Dazzleaire Butterscotch,using the Dc-Sc alternating pattern.
~Back home & after lunch,I picked up the backyard & pulled some weeds.
~I put together a package of hats & drove to the post office to mail them off.
~I spent the rest of the afternoon sorting some scrap yarn balls we found in the church yarn closet,mostly different shades of blue,so I will have to start a lap blanket with those colors.I also finished putting together a Garland of Blossoms scarf with RHS Claret & Lipstick flowers,joined with Black & adding black buttons to a RHS Hot Red Durango hat.
~We had grilled ham & cheese sammies for supper.

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