Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Human Right

A liability or a useful tool?

~Susie came by at 8am & we went yard-saling.She brought me back home at 10am so she could keep her nail appointment with Jenny.
~I made a deposit at the bank,then came back home & pulled weeds from the sidewalk in front of the next-door neighbor.Home-owners are supposed to be responsible for the up-keep of the sidewalk space in front of their homes,but the weeds were obviously bothering me more than her,because many were so tall,they were blooming!
~Susie & I went to lunch at Annie's Soup Kitchen.I had Spinach quiche.
~We came back home & had tea & crocheted until about 4pm.We stopped by Susie'shouse & picked up camp chairs.
~We got to the park for Zander's birthday party atounf 4:50pm.I forgot to take a picture of the Stuffie Guy before wrapping it up!Mike came by after work.It was a fun time!

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