Thursday, October 8, 2009

Can Cozy Sold!

Mike goes back to work today.It was a fun vacation!

~I sold a Can Cozy in Groovy to Miranda in CA.
~I went to the thrift stores at 9am.At the Family Thrift Center I tried on 2 pair of pants(one too big,one too small) & 2 cover shirt(one ladies,one boys-both fit).At Goodwill,I got a silver-tone picture frame.
~After lunch,I went up to the church to dig weds from the parking lot.Chuck let me know that we got enough specila-fund pledges to repave the parking lot.Woohoo!Now,I will concentrate on making the grounds around the front of the church look better.
~I also learned the receptionist was let go.I told Fr. Jim that,though I had no formal experience,I have over 10 years of computer experience,can answer phones,type & anything else "officey" that needs to be done.He said he would discuss it with the vestry.
~We gave away 20 food bags in 20 minutes & had to turn one person away.
~Back home,I vacuumed & dusted.
~I made the last of the special-order Candy Corn hats,this one in infant size.I also worked on the Summer Sky lap blanket.
~At "Date Nite",I was in the middle of wram-ups,when the screw tht holds the magazine realease button broke.Luckily,Tony,the gun-smith,had an extra one in the back.He replaced it for me for free.I promised him baked goods in payment,LOL.The rest of the class went well.We did timed drills of most of the techniques we have learned,so far.I made a 45 out of 50 score.I found out several things I need to work on.

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