Monday, October 5, 2009

Support Choice

You choose your personal protection,I'll choose mine.
911 response time.

~After breakfast,we gathered up trash/recyclables.

~Mike started early on repairing the wall in the back bathroom.He went to Lowe's for drywall & spent the morning making it fit.

~I stopped by Big Lots & found a few things on our regular grocery list.The sugar-free Davinci's syrup section was sparse,but I did get another Caramel!

~I helped Chuck load 12 bags at the food pantry,dropped off apple juice boxesat the nursery & picked up several bags of leaves.

~After lunch,we went to trade in several guns we didn't need for one we did.It is a "family",for either of us to use if we need to.I worked on the Roseburg Hat in Black.

~I made a special-order Candy Corn Hat in Youth size(20").I used the last of the RHS Bright Yellow I had,so will have to pick up a skein tomorrow at WMS.

~I started a new Patriotic Round Ripple lap blanket,the center in Red.

~We had bacon cheeseburger sammies for supper.

~Worked some more on the PRR.

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