Friday, October 9, 2009

The LORD is a refuge for the oppressed,a stronghold in times of trouble.Psalm 9:9

Mike checked into equipment to reload our own ammo.By his calculations,with as much as we shoot,the equipment would pay for itself in 6 weeks!
~I called Ms Mary Helen about our Coffee Hour on sunday.I have decided to make Ripple Cinnamon Bun coffee cake.It uses a yellow cake mix(reduced sugar),so it should be interesting!
~I had a meeting with Ms Edla.We went over the remaining parts of my Daughters of the King training.The Brothers were at the church sanding/varnishing outside doors.
~After lunch,I started sorting yarn from a bag given to me.I put some wool I knew I wouldn't use up on Ebay.I rolled some other into balls & made a Cheyenne Hat in one strand each CSS Black/unknown brushed baby Dove Gray,adding a rose pin in Black.It is thick warm & beautiful!I need to make more of this style.
~We had bacon cheeseburger sammies for supper.
~I worked on the Summer Sky lap blanket.

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