Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Pumpkin Bran Currant Muffin Tops-I have also used Craisins in place of the Currants.

~Mike had a dentist appointment at 7:30am.He got all his lower teeth cleaned.He will go back in 6 weeks for a re-evaluation.We went to WMS to pick up a precription for antimicrobial rinse.

~While out,I finished the Petal Durango Hat & started a Cheyenne Hat in LB Homespun Grape.

~Back home,Mike did some more work on the back bath.

~I spent the afternoon working on the Aphrodite shawl.I also made 2 flower pins.

~We had bacon cheeseburger sammies for supper.

~I worked on the Patriotic round ripple lap blanket.

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