Thursday, October 22, 2009

Failure of Restraining Orders

From Criminal Law Lawyer Source-
"However, a restraining order cannot provide absolute protection so it is important for potential victims of violence to take every precaution possible."
~Hike to Shelter Rock,cool & damp.
~Lots of work going on in the church parking lot.Cleaning & re-paving.It's going to look so good!
~Did final revisions on the bulletins & readings before printing.Printed too many reading pages,so another little tree bit the dust,LOL.Also did work on the newsletter & writing of meeting minutes.Two weeks down!
~I dropped a plate of cookies off for the Napa Boys.Mike needs work done on the truck,so I will be going back tonight to pick him up and possibly taking him to work until it's done,unless he wants to ride the motorcycle.
~Date Nite-Need to learn consistancy in shooting.I will do really good,then do crappy.


  1. The restraining order thing is soooo true. Love the picture too. Thanks for sharing!!


  2. You're welcome,Julee.I take personal protection issues very seriously.