Friday, October 16, 2009


Over the past 2 days, I have sold 8 hats & 3 scarves to 3 different people!This is a Durango Hat in Rapture Rose,the prettiest of the bunch.

~I went to Albertson's for All Bran crachers,but all they had was the nasty herb variety.I noticed bagels on sale & bought 3 bags for Anne(Sunday is her Coffee Hour & this is what she usually brings).

~I dropped off 4 package at the post office.

~The Family Thrift Center was having their 50% off Halloween sale.I got a cover shirt,a tote bag,a skirt, a 12-count tiny bundt cake tin & a bag of picture frames.

~I went up to the church to water the trees.

~Yesterday,Ms Helen Manderville brought by 2 bags of bananas for Food Pantry.Julia said they were too ripe,so I brought them home.I tried a new recipe called Banana Banana Bread.The recipe made 6 small bundt cakes & a small loaf I made in a disposable tin.I haven't tasted it yet.I then tried Banana Oatmeal Cookies,making them like I do my Granola Muffins.The recipe was for cookies,which said ungreased cookie sheet,so I didn't grease the muffin tin.BIG mistake!The chopped dates stuck to the pan,so I now have a huge batch of cookie chunks!!Any suggestions are welcomed.

~We had bacon cheeseburger sammies for supper.

~I made a Boa Scarf in eyelash/fur yarn in Harvest Moon(black,yellow,brown & rust) & RHS & CSS Black yarn.


  1. Catherine, the cookie chunks will taste good and go well mixed with yogurt or on top of ice cream.

  2. Hey Girlfriend,

    Are your ears burning? We were just talking about you over at Low Carb Friends. We miss you. Drop by and let everyone know how you are!!

    Great site by the way. Sorry about your MIL, but glad you and hubby are fine.

    Narda aka:thefluffyturtle

  3. Narda,let everyone know that we are doing fine!