Thursday, October 29, 2009

Lap Blanket

Butterscotch lap blanket.This is the easiest pattern ever,just alternating rows of dc & sc.The yarn does all the work!Donated to the VA hospital.

~At work,printed out bulletins,lectionary readings and made a special template for All Saints' Day names.Gave out 22 bags at the food pantry.

~It started snowing when I left work at 2pm.I dropped off a dozen Dump Brownies and a UT can cozy for Jason's birthday.

~At home,I made a batch of dirty rice & vacuumed.

~Date Nite was interesting.We shot with out eyes closed,the lesson being that once you find your sights,the only thing that moves is your finger.It also helped everybody to slow down & make the shots count.

~We went to Monte's cigar Lounge for Jason's birthday,staying about an hour.I had my first Killian Red & it was tasty.Jason hugged me!I love them Napa Boys!!

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