Friday, October 2, 2009


Scrap Tweed Bag made with one strand DK yarn in Wine & worsted scraps.A combo of my Scrap Tweed Tassel Hat & Tweed Feed Bag patterns.

~Mike is working on the 3/4 bath again this morning.He has the venting fan in the shower installed.He is now at Lowe's picking up something else.I'm so glad he is handy!

~I did 2 loads of laundry.

~Mike finished installing the venting fan in the ceiling of the back bathroom.He vacuumed up all the mess.He will run wires & repair the hole in the wall after the weekend.

~After lunch,we got the emissions tested on the Bronco.It passed & is good for 2 years.

~We then went to Sam's Club(free pass) to check out their inventory & prices.There were a few things we get at Costco that Sam's didn't have,but alot of what we do get seems to be cheaper at Sam's.We did pick up mixed nuts & whole grain chips.

~We stopped at WMS for chicken.It was so busy!

~I have a special order for Candy Corn Hats in Adult,Youth & Infant sizes.I completed the Adult size.It has been a while since I made this project,forgot how fun it is!

~I finished the Toasted Almond edging on the Butterscotch lap blanket.

~We had chicken bacon cheese sammies for supper.We both tried the Dump Brownies I made on Tuesday(with the gingersnap crust).They are DELISH!

~I worked on scrap granny squars.

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