Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hat Sold!!

Hike to Coffee Rock.When we left the house,we could see the whitemoon through the clouds.When we got up to the foothills,it was cloudier.About half-way through the hike,the moonwas yellow.When we stopped for coffee,the moon was a big orange disc in the sky.On the way back to the truck,we watched the mountains to the west swallow the moon.God is AWESOME!

~I sold a Boyfriend Hat in Midnite/Stone to Jenifer in FL.
~I attended a Daughters of the King meeting at 9:30am.There was a ceremony to welcome me & another lady into the training class.
~Around 11:30am,Mike & I went by & picked up Susie.We went to the gun show,looking around until 3pm.We we then went to 2 gun stores before Susie found the .22 plinking pistol she wanted.We had early supper at IHoP.It was a fun day!
~I made Dirty Rice for tomorrows party at Lori's.It's always better if it sits over night.

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