Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hat Sold!!

I sold a Cheyenne Hat in Dark Blue/True Yellow to Janet in MI.

~Wow! The driver door on my Jeep was frozen shut. Mike warmed everything up for me & scrapped my windows.
~I did take pictures of the church with all the snow on the ground. Good thing,since it was gone in a few hours. I printed out 15 copies of the Prayer Shawl Ministry booklets, liturgical readings and bulletins. I got all the bulletins folded by noon. I attended the St. Elizabeth's Guild meeting(won a door prize of a heart-shaped glass candy dish!) & listened to the presentation on personal safety,stuff I already knew,LOL. I finished up the bulletins for next week.
~Date Nite was awesome! We did drills with cover & without cover shirts/jackets. I did hit a new 1st-shot hit of 1.83.


  1. What does a first shot hit of 1.83 mean? Just curiuos as I don't know the lingo...


  2. RN Mom,
    The instructor uses a timer.At the beep(start of timer),I draw my weapon & fire at the target. This took 1.83 seconds to do.