Thursday, February 18, 2010

NM Senate: Guns & Beer Do Mix(stupid headline)

February 13,2010 article from the Albuquerque Journal. My thoughts are in ( )'s.

"The guy in the next booth could be packing if a bill approved by the Senate becomes law(bad guys are already packing). The vote was 27-15 on Friday to allowed concealed carry licensees to take their handguns into restaurants that serve beer & wine(Chili's, Papa Felipe's, Sadie's,Applebee's,etc). It would remain illegal to take guns into bars or into restaurants with full liquor licenses, under the proposal(Atomic Cantina, Dragonhorn Tavern, Horse & Angel,etc). And beer-&-wine restaurants could opt out, by posting signs saying guns are prohibited(as does Tuesday Morning & Costco-welcoming the bad guys to rob them). Although it is illegal for someone carrying a gun to be intoxicated(as it is with driving a car), it's not completely clear that it's illegal for that person to consume alcohol(with all that you have to go through to get a CCL,it would be stupid to jeopardize it). More than 17,000 New Mexicans have been issued CCL's since 2004(with more every week being added)."

~Printed bulletin,liturgical readings, PoP's. Fr Jim & I both worked on sending the 2009 Parochial Report online. We now have 6 votes for bishop! Gave away 16 bags at the food pantry.

~Dropped off Bahama Mama Bars at Napa. Five people were laid off from the store, luckily not Mike.

~Fr im called me at home. I put a letter in the outgoing mail & forgot to put an address on it!Duh!! He said he would fix it for me.

~We arrived later than usual,but still on time for Date Nite. We heard from our Santa Fe "insider" that the bill to allowed concealed carry permit holders to to carry into restaurants that serve beer & win passed & is expected to be signed by the Governor in July. Both Mike & I did really well. The boys devoured my Bahama Mama Bars!


  1. Link to an interesting article so appropriate to what you are saying...

    Again, GUNS do not kill people, people do and in this case thank God no one was killed, but the uneducated and un-trained are the ones who are so dangerous. It just goes to point out again that people who have no knowledge of firearms or any safety training have NO business with any kind of firearm. There should be a stupidity tax - then the deficit would be eliminated and we all on occasion would pay our dues - but more than not these kinds of people would be the ones taxed.

    Just had to share this - if don't want to post this, That's fine!
    May God bless your day!

  2. I would vote for a stupidity tax!

    Pulled this quote from your linked article-
    "Obviously, you fall back on the cardinal rules of firearms," said Angle. "You treat every gun as if it's loaded. It's another example of why you don't play with firearms, especially when you're intoxicated."