Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hats Sold!!

I sold a Sedona Hat in Tweed Forest/Oxford to Abigail in MA.
I sold a Cheyenne Hat in Light Blue/Light Periwinkle to Janet in MI.
~I made a Black Forest Dump Cake for Coffee Hour tomorrow. It smells YUMMY!!!
~Went a little early up to the church to check on sugar & rice in the food pantry & make a sign for Prayer Shawl Ministry. It was only me,Lucy & Anne. I worked on the Claret Diamond Prayer Shawl.
~Back home, I finished a hat in unknown cotton textured cream yarn/unknown smooth taupe cotton thread,adding a flower pin in cream. The yarn came from Anne at PSM. It's very soft & pretty.
~At 4pm,I went to music practice,then realized I had forgotten the food for St. Martin's, so I went back home,got it and came back to the church. Imade transparancies of the music for Mark & we sang. Standing up with a microphone & speakers sounds much better. It was fun!!
~Mike had made his own supper by the time I got home.
~I started a lap blanket,but only got as far as the beginning chain count after trying 6 times!