Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Which sign...

This also holds true for all places of business that post signs against concealed-carry. I choose to not frequent those kinds of businesses.

~My toenails are "Sangria" red!
~I made a rose pin in Caron Pounder Deep Violet(I call it Tyrian purple) for the LB Homespun Baroque Cheyenne Hat.
~There was snow on the ground this morning & in the 20's. It was gone soon after. Work went well. I worked on the newsletters & bulletins. Anne Malstrom brought me some yarn!
~The new ear protectors Mike got us are AWESOME!
~I laid out the Bright Squares(pink,yellow,turqua & lime) & started putting them together with amethyst.
~I made Mike a chicken bacon cheese sammie for supper while I had a pepperoni sammie,dipped in tomato sauce.


  1. http://www.jsonline.com/news/waukesha/84928722.html?page=10

    Another article about gun owners in WI...

    Just thought it was interesting.


  2. The Art of Zen-scary that criminals are cowards who pick on the weak & unarmed.

    RN.Mom-Concealed carry means noone knows you have a weapon. NM is an open-carry state,but I prefer to stay concealed.