Saturday, February 6, 2010

Turtle Sold!

I sold turtle "Sheridan" to Brianne in OH.

~While I was flossing my teeth, I popped the temporary cap off my tooth & had to go in to the dentist to get it re-cemented, which made me late for Daughters of the King.
~After the meeting, I went to Goodwill & the Family Thift Center,but didn't get anything.
~Back home, I swept the floor.
~I finished a Durango Hat in unknown fuzzy chunky Wood Violet with one vintage Brown/Tan button.
~At 3:30pm, I went up to the church to set up the Table for the Prayer Shawl Ministry display for Sunday. At 4pm, we met for Contemporary Service music practice. Janelle took 2 Prayer shawls for her friends.
~I went back home at 4:30pm. Mike & I went down to Caliber's to meet Randy about purchasing a knife. I will post a picture of it tomorrow. It's awesome!!

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