Monday, February 8, 2010

Hat & Turtle Sold!

I sold Turtle "Tod" to Marie in NY.
I sold a Girly Hat in Autumn Red/Squash to Sonia in CA.
~I stopped by Big Lots,where I picked up pork skins & 2 cake mixes on sale 1/2 price. I will use them for the Easter bake sale.
~I helped Chuck load 20 bags at the food pantry.
~Mike called & asked me to bring his knife to work for opening boxes.
~I got groceries at WMS & stopped by the bank.
~After putting groceries away & having lunch, I made Tropical Bars(my coconut dump brownies made with lemon wafer crust, white chips, chopped dried pineapple & mango, brazil nuts). I hope they taste good! I also made bacon & did a load of laundry.
~I started several hats from scraps,but ended up pulling them out. I worked on scrap granny squares. I did make most of a Roseburg Hat in unknown textured Cream cotton/unknown thin Tan cotton.
~I made Mike a bacon cheeseburger sammie for supper while I had PB/AB on wheat tortilla.
~We watched "Bolt". It was cute!


  1. hello I like the hat and can you post the pattern? thank you

  2. Email me at to purchase patterns.