Friday, February 19, 2010

Prayer Shawl

Teal Diamond Prayer Shawl

~I didn't post first thing this morning because I had a dentist appointment at 7:30am to install my permanent cap(in the back,doesn't show). I asked the dentist about the gaps in my front teeth & she built them up(don't remember the name of the process) with a material that matches exactly my tooth color. The 2 teeth on either side of the 2 upper big teeth have always looked like baby teeth,much smaller than the others. I didn't think much about them until I got a public job & it made me self-conscious about smiling. Now,I look like a grown-up! I love Dr.Cynthia!!

~Back home, I made Cocoa Banana cup cakes,which I plan to frost with vanilla cream-cheese icing for a birthday party. I also swept/vacuumed & did a load of laundry.

~I finished a Sedona Hat in RHS Camouflage, adding a rose pin in Blaze orange wool. I also made Turtle "Stetson" in Camouflage/Black & a Stained Glass granny square in Camouflage.

~I made Mike a bacon cheeseburger sammie for supper. I was still full from lunch.

~I put most of a Garland of Blossoms scarf together in Black with various colors of flowers.

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