Saturday, October 8, 2011

A different kind of animal...

From Cornered Cat: Deadly force is justified in response to forceful rape not because rape always involves death or grave bodily harm(although it too often does), but because there is a clearly-understood threat that the rapist will kill or seriously hurt his victim if she does not cooperate.

~I stopped by the Family Thrift Center (nothing) before heading up to the church for Prayer Shawl Ministry, where Anne, Lucy, Joyce & me sat around & worked on our projects for about 1 1/2 hours. Afterwards, I brought more items for the Raffle/White Elephant sale to the Narthex for display.

~I spent the rest of the afternoon napping & watching XXX. Action + Vin=awesome movie!!

~I made Mike a ham/cheese quesadilla for supper.

~We watched Reign of Fire. To both of us, this is Mathew McConaughey's best acting role. He is so intense in this character, plus he shed his pretty-boy looks & is over-the-top.

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