Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hats Sold!!

Roseburg Hat in Skyscraper/Gotham City sold to Stephanie in MO

Cheyenne Hat in Homespun Russet/Harvest Gold sold to Angela in TX

~Mike came to work with me & we finished the newsletters. Ms. Jeannine came in for edits, then I printed out the bulletins. I also made signs for the Pancake Fundraiser on Sunday, printed out flyers for the Food Fair & Bazaar, and listed that event on 4 online places. We gave away all 20 bags at the Food Pantry. I made a grocery list, since I will be restocking the shelves this week. I did a little more on stewardship & will go to print on some of it on Monday.

~Date Nite: I qualified with a .38 revolver, which I did not do when I got my CCW license over 3 years ago. Rick let me borrow his big Ruger, which was easy to shoot. Of course, I made 100%!
After warmups, we worked on off-hand drills: shooting, reloading, racking, etc. After break, we did timed Failure Drills. I had a new personal best-Failure Drill at 3 yards at 2.0 seconds!

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