Friday, October 28, 2011

Scarf Sold!!

Boa Scarf in Flame Tanager/Peacock sold to Martha in IL

~After breakfast, I made a batch of Swedish Ginger Cookies. It made 43 cookies, 3 dozen are going to the Food Fair & Bazaar.

~I got groceries at Walmart for the Food Pantry, got a few things at Albertsons, dropped off the food bag, unloaded the Food Pantry groceries at the church, & mail. I stopped by the GoodBargain store(.99 Goodwill) & tried on 3 shirts, but they didn't cover well.

~Back home, I made Hashbrown Casserole & made a special-order Granny Square hat & Scarf with the main color being White.

~I made Mike a chicken bacon cheese wrap for supper.

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