Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hat Sold!!

Barstow Hat in Cream/Peach sold to Mary in VA

~Mike & me have the day off together!! Nothing exciting planned, just cool that we get to be together. He did some reloading & shut down the coolers for the season. I made a pan of Oatmeal Jam Bars with the jar of peach jam the Hunter's brought back from their TX trip. To me, they are too sweet, but Mike said "don't change a thing". I did some housecleaning & pulled out my folding craft table to see how the revolving shoe rack will work for a hat display. It is just right! Mike picked up the back yard, while I trimmed the rose bushes & pulled weeds.

~After lunch, We went to JoAnns to check on RHS Gemstone yarn, which they didn't have. However, they have upgraded the store & there's more yarn! We stopped by Albertsons for milk & bread & delivered the food bag.

~Back home, I made a Barstow Hat in CSS Black/Limelight. It is a kid size & very weird, but someone will like it!

~Date Nite: One of the range employees told us our instructor would be late due to an accident. He arrive about 15 minutes late. His dog had started to attack his lady & he intervened. The dog did quite a bit of damage to his left hand. The dog was put down. We had only 7 people, so we went down range & shot on the move. I did good except for missing a few shots. I need to concentrate on my sights. The instructor stopped class early due to the pain he was in. He asked us to come with him to the pharmacy as protection.

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