Monday, October 24, 2011

Scarf Sold!!

Garland of Blossoms scarf in Light Sage/Multi sold to Jim in IL

~I stopped at Big Lots (crackers & paper plates), before heading up to the church to help Chuck load bags at the Food Pantry. I also called in payroll & sorted mail.

~I stopped by the new Goodwill, but I just don't like it as much. It is bigger & brighter, but the racks are jammed so tight, you can't find anything. Also, they don't have things as categorized as they used to. I did see a couple of cute cross-stitch pictures, but not in my colors. Supposedly, they are turning the old Goodwill into a .99 thrift store. We'll see. I got some soup & ingredients for Hashbrown Casserole at Smith's. They had the flat pretzels, which I cover with chocolate & crushed peppermints on sale 2 for $4, so I got some.

~Back home, I made a pan of brownies & did a load of laundry.

~I finished the Garland of Blossoms scarf & made more blossoms.

~Mike closed the store.

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