Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hats Sold!!

Sedona Hat in Peanut Shell/Aran Fleck sold to Jane in CA

Candy Corn Hat sold to Jane in CA-repeat customer.

Sedona hat in Tweed Ashland/Heather Rose sold to Morgan in CA.

~Mike took me to work. I printed the bulletins & had them done by 10am. JH came in & we worked on attendance charts. We gave away all 20 bags at the Food Pantry in 20 minutes! I spent the rest of the afternoon working on the stewardship brochure. We fed Callie Cat for the last time.

~Date Nite:After warm ups, we did the APD qualifying course. I made an 88 (passing is 80). The last time we did it, I made an 81, so I am improving. Mike did the course twice & got 94 & 94 respectively. We also did timed shooting at the 3-yard line. My first 2 body shots went in the same hole! I have discovered with the XDM that i need to be square-on to the target, feet parallel & wider stance. It was a good night!

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