Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hat Sold!!

Roseburg Bonnet in Faded Rose sold to Diane in NH

~I went early to the church to pick up the key to the office which I had given to Mike to get a phone that was left at last night's concert. He attended his first Brotherhood of St. Andrew meeting! I attended Daughters of the King & fed Ms. Callie Cat afterwards.

~I made a Boa Scarf in Bernat Boucle Rose/unknown thin Rose Pink.

~I made Mike a grilled cheesy hot dog wrap for supper.

~We watched The Road. It was good, but there were some problems:
No loving wife & mother would just walk away from her family because she can't handle it.
A boy raised in this post-apocalyptic world would not be so whiny.
Why sleep outside in the weather so much when there was always some kind of shelter available?
Did we really need to see the main character naked, twice?

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