Thursday, December 17, 2009

Our Christmas Tree

I LOVE our prelit Christmas Tree!It is easy to put up/take down.I use things from around the house,along with home-made/store-bought ornaments,to decorate it.I have since replaced the old flannel shirt tree-skirt with a $5 yard-sale patchwork lap quilt.Check out the Teddy Bear Tea Party being held by Angus,Malcolm & Shannon Bear!

~Work went well.I got the Blessing ceremony & Sunday bulletinsprinted,worked on more bulletins & wrote up meeting minutes.We gave away 11 bags at Food Pantry.Anne Malstrom came in & brought Mike & me a loaf of home-made bread.I gaver her a Pumpkin Dark Cocoa Chip small bundt cake.I gave Julie a Tweed Tassel Bag.

~I dropped off a plate of Orange Slice cake for the Napa Boys.

~I took a plate of Ginger Coconut bars to Date Nite.They were well-received.We did shoot-on-the-move drills,which I need to get better at.


  1. I love it! Just set our tree up last night by the insistence of our kids! It however is still naked! Life has been too busy to put up the tree or shop yet. It will be very last minute this year. However, we did go the Advent services and the meals that were not canceled due to cold and snow! Of course those both were the ones sponsored by the Sunday school and the Youth group of which I have children in one or the other or both as in my daughters case! So, tree or not we celebrate the REAL meaning of Christmas! God Bless and have a wonderful Christmas season!


  2. Thanks s much,Rn. Mom!As you cantell by my posts,I work for and attend church.It has become very important to me this past year.Most of my gifts are crocheted or baked.
    I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas!