Thursday, December 31, 2009


Lemon Craisin Coconut Bars

~At work,I updated the parish directory,printed/folded Sunday bulletins,printed PotP & started on bulletins for 01/13.We had 18 people for Food Pantry & I made a paper sign for Food Pantry hours,put it in a plastic sleeve & taped it to the office door.I left work at 2pm.

~I stopped at the Family Thrift Center & found a round woven basket.The Goodwill parking lot was full,so I didn't stop there.

~Back home,I finished the last 2 rows & edging on the RHS Medium Thyme Diamond Prayer Shawl.It is very handsome.I may start a new one tomorrow!

~I heated up the Sausage Hashbrown casserle,which we took,along with Balck tea & the Lemon Craisin Coconut bars to the Mallory's New Year Party.Susan wasn't feeling well,so she skipped it.It was a fun time.I played Foosball for the first time!The casserole & bars went over very well.We watched the ball drop at 10pm MT then went home.


  1. Catherine, I would love to see the RHS Medium Thyme Diamond Prayer Shawl. You finish things so quickly, I can't keep up with you, lol. I love all the things you make. Classy!