Sunday, December 6, 2009


Three versions of Peanut Butter cookies-plain,with peanut butter chip center & with dark cocoa chips.

~I dropped off Pumpkin Dark Cocoa Chip trees to the Napa boys.

~When I got to church,there were alot of cars in the parking lot,but noone in the hall.Ms Edla caught me before I went into the church.There was a break-in last night!The door on the back unused office was busted open & offices gone through.The music room was also broken into.3 instruments were taken.I know all the details,but will find out more on Monday.

~The service went well.I helped Mell usher,since Anne wasn't there.Susan stayed home,still a little sick from the previous night.

~At home,I gathered trash/recyclables,picked up the back yard & put up the Christmas tree.It's pretty!

~Mike & I went to the Mallory Gift War.Everybody liked my Dirty Rice & Fancy Pretzels.We ended up with a spa foot set & fancy desk notepad.It was a great time!

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