Sunday, December 20, 2009


This is a quote from the article written by Dan McManus in Armed American Report.I can post the whole article,if there is an interest.

"So,I got my CCW & carry a gun because:
1.It's my patriotic duty.
2.It was the un-politically-correct thing to do.
3.To keep me alert & attentive.
4.I don't trust luck.
5.As an act of Christian charity.
(How can I read about the "Good Samaritan" or follow the teachings of Jesus, and not be aware that I have a responsibility to look out for others, to be my brother's keeper.You can choose to be a bystander(Google Kitty Genovese).However,my Christian upbringing has taught me that I am not to be blind to the plight of others and that this world would be a better place if we all looked out for each other.)
6.As a reflection of my pro-active lifestyle.
7.To stack the deck in my favor.
So now you know why I carry a gun,why will you carry yours?"

I agree with the article & above quote. If you wish to not read this blog any longer,knowing my stance about personal protection,that is your choice.

~I made a batch of Chili Stew for the Hanging of the Greens crew.

~After Lessons & Carols and Coffee Hour(the chili was all gone!),Anne & me went to pick Susan up so we could attend "White Christmas" play.It was good,but not as good as some others.

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