Saturday, December 5, 2009

Flower Pin Sold!

I sold a Flower Pin in Regency Gold/Ruby to Erin in WA.

~I attended my first Quarterly Parish Planning Meeting.It was no big deal.I stayed for the Worship planning meeting,just to see what it was.I was able to catch the last 45 minutes of Daughters of the King.

~I went home & got a snack before heading out to JoAnn's to use a 50%-off coupon.I got a skein of Lion Brand Wool Ease Chunky "Spice" to make another pair of Mitts.I also went to ThriftTown,but didn't want to wait in line for 1 T-shirt.

~I went to the parish hall early to help Janelle set up for Ms Mary Helen's 80th birthday party.It was a good time!We had Powdrell barbecue & birthday cake.

~I finished the Neckwarmer in leftover Walnut,but need to add buttons.


  1. Hi Catherine,
    Totally off topic.
    Can you tell me how you and hubby eat? Mostly protein with some fruit and veggies?
    whole grains?
    any place where I could go to find what you are eating mostly, your eating plan I mean
    Do you have more energy eating this way?

  2. Patty,

    I will post in a seperate message entitled "What we eat".