Saturday, December 5, 2009

What we eat

Patty asked this question:

"Hi Catherine,
Totally off topic.Can you tell me how you and hubby eat?Mostly protein with some fruit and veggies?whole grains?any place where I could go to find what you are eating mostly your eating plan I mean.Do you have more energy eating this way?

When Mike & I were still on the road,Mike decided to try Atkins-Low Carb.He went from 245lbs to 175lbs in about 10 months.I went from 141lbs to 123lbs.We both decided 175lbs was too low for him,so we modified it to to include what we liked about low-carb,adding a few things we both liked,finding the balance of low-glycemic 90% of the time/eating what we wanted(within reason)10% of the time,as long as we maintained our weights within 5lbs.

Since we came off the road,we are both more active,so we are able to eat "American normal" at parties,1-2 times a month eating out & my modified lower-sugar/healthier baked goods.

Our way of eating works for us,but I am not endorsing it for others.It is rather boring,as we tend to eat the same things alot.

Typical Day:90%

Breakfast(both):1 egg,1 sausage patty,1 slice cheese on flax flatbread

Mike-8 slices lean ham,2 slices cheese,1 pork/turkey hotdog,1oz chunk cheddar cheese,1.5oz mixed nuts,2oz pork skins
Me-2Tbsp peanut butter on whole-wheat tortilla,cheese stick

chicken or burger with cheese & bacon on flax flatbread

Me-low-carb yogurt with pecans & bran cereal

If our weight is in range,we eat "Typical Day" with a few extras like my baked goods or sandwich crackers.We eat whatever we want at parties.

We take supplements to get the vitamins we need,as well at fiber tablets.We do have lots of energy.We drink mostly sugar-free flavored waters,coffee,diet sodas & decaf iced tea.

Mike's range is below 200,mostly 195lbs.He is 54 years old,6' & has good numbers(blood pressure,cholesterol).
My range is below 128,mostly 126lbs.I'm 41 years old,5'3" & have good numbers.
Both our dr's say "keep up the good work!"

We hike 2-3 times a week in good weather(apr-oct).

Any questions or comments welcomed.

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