Monday, December 28, 2009

Your righteousness is like the mighty mountains,your justice like the great deep.Psalm 36:6

I sold a Bottle Cozy in Hazlenut Tweed to Leah in MI.

~I went to work at 9am to work on the newsletter.I did have to call Fr. Jim twice(he came in twice,too!) to help with a few things.I really hated to call him in on his mini-vacation.But,I did get all the pages printed,worked on the bulletins & Prayers of the People.I was done by 12:30pm.

~I went to the Family Thrift Center for the 1/2-price sale.I got a wire chicken,a border I may put in the front bath & 5 long-sleeve T-shirts for around $13.

~Back home,I made Lemon Craisin Coconut bars,using the same recipe as the Ginger Coconut bars.It was an experiment,we'll see if it works!

~I finished the Cheyenne Hat in RH Hokey Pokey Charcoal,adding a wool rose pin in Turquoise.

~I made Mike a bacon cheeseburger sammie for supper.

~I worked on the Medium Thyme Diamond Prayer Shawl.

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