Thursday, December 24, 2009


Ginger Coconut Bars-a favorite of everyone that tries them!

~Work went well.I got the bulletins for Sunday's mass printed & folded.I helped Chuck hand out 12 bags at the food pantry.Fr. Jim & I finished most of the newsletter,all we need is one article.I gave Fr. Jim the muffler/scarf I made him.He liked it!Ms. Jeannine made Mike & me some peanut clusters and haystacks.
~It wasn't long after coming home & changing clothes that it was time to go by Susie's house & pick her up for 5pm Christmas Eve mass.It was soo cold!Church was good.The pageant was cute & the sermon inspiring.We got invited to the Mallory's.
~We stopped by my house & picked up a Crustless pumpkin pie & Orange Slice loaf before heading to the Mallory's.Anne had made lasagna & Mike made garlic bread.It was AWESOME!Everybody liked my sweets.

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