Saturday, December 12, 2009


Pumpkin-Dark Cocoa Chip goodies!

~I left the house around 8:40am.I only saw one yard-sale sign & got a patchwork lap blanket.I alsowent to the Family Thrift center & got a few things.

~I got to the church for Prayer Shawl Ministry early,so I picked up a shopping bag of trash from the parking lot & grounds.Nobody else showed up for PSM at 10am,so I picked up a large garbage bag of dead leaves.

~I went back to the FTC & did more looking.I got a long-sleeve T-shirt.

~Back home,I finished the Prayer Shawl by adding more RHS Country Rose to either end & using the same for edging.I now know that this pattern needs to be about 6" less wide.

~At 5pm,I took a bag of oranges & an 18-count carton of hard-boiled eggs down to the church for St. Martin's.

~When Mike got home,we went down & visited Susan in the hospital.She will be coming to stay with us for a while after she gets out of the hospital.

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