Sunday, December 27, 2009

Callie Cat

Callie Cat I made for Fr. Jim to give to Ms. Jeannine for Christmas.He ordered it special-request to look like their cat,Callie,right down to the yellow-green eyes.

~After a cup of coffee,Mike & I got groceries at WMS,since I'm working tomorrow.After going home & putting them away,we had Carl's Jr for breakfast.They use some really strong onions in their breakfast burritos,as well as their burgers.I love it!

~I dropped off snack mix for the Napa Boys.I gave Jason a crochet hat & told Bryan the ones I made him for fall were his Christmas gift.Jason said Candace loved her Mitts!

~Church was a Deacon's Mass with no music.I don't feel like I've been to church with no music!Ms. Edla gave me a southern cook book.

~I stopped off at Red Cross thrift store(nothing) & Big Lots(dish towels & cloths,soup,brass scooper)before heading home.

~At home,I gathered recyclables/trash.I also wrapped a few things for tonight's After-Christmas Party.I'm enjoying gingerbread tea!

~I started a Cheyenne Hat in RH Hokey Pokey Charcoal.

~Mike & I went to the mall to pick up Susan from shopping with the nieces.Us 3 went to Lori's party.It was fun!

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